Castle On Cliffs

– I recently felt the urge to paint this, for now, I’m happy with the result.

I especially like how the dark castle turned out in front of this bright, more colorful background.  Generally, I think the colors match quite well. Lots of dark grey, some blue and the green tones… The yellow and orange (high-)lights make it perfect, I think. The shapes of the castle are beautiful too. That is one reason why I chose the reference.

But without the small figures and their torches, the scenery would look a bit boring, in my opinion. They are also important for stories the painting could tell. My first thought was that they are adventurers, who came a long way to the notorious castle of a powerful and feared creature or witch, to beg for aid in troubling times. The door of the castle, which definetly is an eye-catcher with this bright light, could be a distant goal and a spark of hope for the unfortunate.

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