Oscar Of Astora

– This is my latest painting and it turned out as one of my favorites so far.

I wanted to try something new and painted a knight. When I was looking for references I found one on Pinterest that caught me. Later, my brother told me that this knight is a character, named Oscar of Astora, from the video game „Dark Souls“.

Painting it took me 9 hours and it was really fun. Something I really love about the picture is the black background. It helps the knight to stand out in the light shining above him. I also like his pose. Furthermore, I just loved the colors. The contrast of cold, bluish grey/silver tones and warm brown and golden tones is wonderful, I think. There’s also a bit of purple which makes it even better. And especially, I love that the knight shines so much, which is caused by the white highlights. It was so satisfying to paint them at the end.

The painting got a place of honor in our hallway.

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